Municipal Internship Opportunities

All of the current internship opportunities are listed below. 

Hanover Township

job id: hanover18

Job Title: Municipal Intern
Municipality:  Hanover Township
Internship Dates:  Fall 2018
Compensation:  $18/hr, 20 hrs per week


Hanover Township is seeking an intern who would like to become a big part of our small team. The successful candidate will take on the following roles within the Township staff:

1.    Munilogic software implementation liaison.  Hanover Township is in the process of commencing a four month process of implementing property and permit management software.  The intern will be the primary liaison between the software provider, the Township staff and the Township's third party building inspection agency.  The finished product will include integration of current electronic records, creation of permit templates, and creation of reporting templates and training of Township staff.  This software will allow Hanover Township to operate much more efficiently, create easy access to historical data and provide reports which will aid the staff and governing body when making operational decisions in the future.

2.    Website update liaison.  The Township has hired a contractor to update the current website.  The bulk of this work will take place late fall.  The intern will be the primary liaison between the Township staff and the website contractor.  Duties will include revising / updating application forms which will be placed on the website, providing content for new and updated web pages, troubleshooting "bugs" and coordinating photo shoots or taking photographs for the website.

3.    Assistant zoning officer.  The intern will assume a role of assistant zoning officer.  The role will provide assistance to the Township Manager and duties will include issuing zoning / building permits, researching historical zoning records, responding to zoning related inquiries and investigating zoning complaints.

4.    Assistant to Township Clerk.  The intern will be assigned to aid the Township Clerk in the preparation of monthly account reconciliation reports which are presented to the governing body.  This role will involve critical thinking as the intern will be encouraged to create a report which is much more clear and concise than the current method.  Monthly reports will aid the Township Manager, Township Council and the Township audit contractor to quickly and clearly verify that Township accounting is accurate both month to monthly and annually.

This is an exciting time in Hanover Township as the staff forges ahead with initiatives designed to provide excellent customer service to its residents, businesses and the Council they serve.  The staff is excited to partner with the MIP program and provide an opportunity for young professionals to become educated in operation and management of local government. The intern would report to the Township Offices at 2202 Grove Road, Allentown, PA 18109.

Wilkinsburg Borough

job id: wilkinsburg18

Job Title:  Procedures & Policies Intern
Municipality:  Wilkinsburg Borough
Internship Dates:  Fall 2018
Compensation:  $18/hr, 20 hrs per week


The purpose of the internship is two-fold: Work with Borough Department heads and staff, including Public Works, Administration, Finance, Code Enforcement and Library to identify regularly performed duties in each and create a procedures manual describing each primary duty and those responsible. The intern will review existing documents, interview Department Heads and Employees, write a manual for each department, oversee the review and approvals and other related requirements as needed.

Work with the Borough Manager and appointed committee members to move forward a “Safe and Sustainable” Committee. The committee has met once and has discussed goals including workplace safety and internal sustainable practices. The intern will research creative ways to engage employees in the effort as well as provide the Borough Manager with best practices used in other similar workplaces to ensure employee safety and agency sustainability. The intern will review existing documents and work with the Committee to implement useful and practical safe and sustainable practices. Employee outreach and education will be an important part of this task.